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◦ three homes ◦ 1,800 head feedyard ◦ 85 acres hunting ground ◦



Looking to diversify, from profitability to simply enjoying life?  This 116 acre property will accomplish just that.  Increase your feeding capacity; expand your personal hunting ground; remove the pens and create an equine facility, commercial venture, or increase your bare land; all while doing it in style in one of three homes.

Hunting Ground

When we say hunting ground, let’s be clear here.  We’re talking about NE waterfowl hunting.  Corn fed mallard.  Huge Canada geese.  The surrounding fields, feedlots, Minatare drain running nearly year round, and the ground fed pond generally hold the waterfowl all winter long.  This area is a bird’s paradise, and naturally you’ll get in some pheasant, too.  The north side of the property is a practically untouched haven of deer habitat.  The property give you nearly 85 acres of your own hunting paradise.  While there’s no guarantee on the game, you certainly have all the right pieces in place.

Discover the Feedlot


Capacity: 1,800
Processing Barn: Semi-enclosed, 208x22x8, 4,576 sq ft with heated vet room
Shop: Recently added 75x24x12, 1,800 sq ft shop with two open and two enclosed stalls
More Feedlot Features
Barn: Horse barn with built in stalls/feeders 54x36x8, 1,944 sq ft Loafing Shed: 50x20x14, 1,000 sq ft
Utility Barn: 120x22x9, 2,640 sq ft
Full Quonset: 60x32x16, 1,920 sq ft
Half Quonset: 60x24x8, 1,440 sq ft

The well maintained, 1,800 head feedyard is conveniently located for your day to day operations,

 and set up to run efficiently and effectively.  From the well designed pen/alley layout to the processing barn, automatic waterers, permanent loading chute, natural wind breaks, private drainage system, and numerous out buildings, the feedlot is ready for use the day you take possession.


You're Working so Hard. do it in style.


Clicking on any of the houses will take you to more information about that home.

Priced at $3,110,000

~116 Acres~Three Gorgeous Homes~Prime Hunting Ground~1,800 Head Feedlot~


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